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UK Traffic News - Sponsored Skydive 2013

Last July we did a sponsored 15000 ft Skydive to raise money for Rett Syndrome.

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored John and Jessi to do the Skydive.

The Skydrive was financed by John and Jessi personally so all donations went to Reverse Retts and we raised £1575.

Anyone who knows a family with a child with Rett Syndrome will know what a worthy charitable cause this is.

A massive thank you to everyone last summer who donated kindly.


Welcome to the New UK Traffic News Blog

Welcome to the new centralised blog on UK Traffic News.

The UK Traffic News website was launched in 2009 as at the time we felt there were very few websites and online resources where you could find traffic news for the UK that was:

... so we launched UK traffic news.

The original aim for to provide a centralised place where users of camping and travel related websites that we publish could find the latest traffic news.

Since then the goal has expanded beyond that.

With the growth of social networking such as, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are goal is now to find an easy way for people to post their own traffic updates.

We are still striving to provide the easist to use traffic new website in the UK that features as much of the latest traffic news and updates as possible.