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List of the Top Car Sales by Manufacturer in 2013

The following is a list of the top car sales in the UK by car manufacturer.

Ford is still a way in front with Vauxhall and Volkswagen in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The popularity of the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta helping to keep Ford ahead of the rest in 2013.

Manufacturer 2013 Sales % Market Share

Ford 188,993 14.25
Vauxhall 150,805 11.37
Volkswagen 115,346 8.7
Audi 84,528 6.38
BMW 73,604 5.55
Nissan 70,856 5.34
Peugeot 63,628 4.8
Mercedes Benz 62,310 4.7
Toyota 54,003 4.07
Citroen 48,516 3.66
Hyundai 44,132 3.33
Kia 43,205 3.26
Skoda 37,306 2.81
Fiat 34,033 2.57
Honda 33,598 2.53
Land Rover 33,579 2.53
Mini 28,467 2.15
Seat 25,681 1.94
Renault 22,354 1.69
Volvo 19,054 1.44
Suzuki 18,859 1.42
Mazda 17,838 1.35
Jaguar 9,813 0.74
Dacia 8,297 0.63
Chevrolet 7,465 0.56
Mitsubishi 5,431 0.41
Lexus 4,806 0.36
Porsche 4,632 0.35
Smart 3,263 0.25
Alfa Romeo 3,163 0.24
Chrysler 1,551 0.12
Subaru 1,187 0.09
Jeep 1,091 0.08
Abarth 807 0.06
Bentley 727 0.05
Aston Martin 575 0.04
Ssangyong 322 0.02
Infiniti 266 0.02
Maserati 194 0.01
Perodua 165 0.01
MG 156 0.01
Lotus 122 0.01
Proton 15 0

Will Ford be top in 2014?

Has Congestion On UK Roads Got Worse?

When you are sat in a pile of traffic do you sit there thinking the traffic and traffic congestion is getting worse?

Did you know that Local ‘A’ roads account for around 9% of all roads in England, but carry around a third of all traffic around England.

Increase in Congestion in England in 2013

The Government measures a traffic speed using in-vehicle GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to record journey times and the number of vehicles using automatic traffic counters.

Peak period is officially classed as between 7am to 10am weekdays Monday to Friday and during peak periods in the 21 months ended December 2013 average speeds have fallen steadily which is an indication of increased congestions.

So is this due to an increase in the number of cars or vehicles on 'A' roads?

The downward trend in average traffic speed and increase in congestion over this period is at least partly due to the level of rainfall over the last 21 months. According to the Met Office 2012 was the wettest year on record in England and the first three months of 2013 were wetter than each of the same months in 2012. A good indicator that weather conditions are at least partly to blame with January 2013 particularly being affected by snow.

In more recent months more cars were reported to be using 'A' roads which also contributed to congestion and reductions in average speed. However this is perhaps as weather conditions were slightly better more drivers were prepared to venture out rather than during bad weather months.

Increase in Number of Vehicles on the Road

The DVLA reported that there were 35.0 Million vehicles registered and licensed on the road in Great Britain at the end of 2013 which is a 1.5% increase on 2012 and the biggest annual increase since 2007. Just of 29 Million of the licenced vehicles were cars or around 83%.

It would therefore be wrong to totally blame the weather due to the rise in number of vehicles licensed for road use.

The number of vehicles licensed each year rose at a faster rate between 1994 and 2005 and although increasing every year since 2005 is at a slower rate compared to pre 2005. The recession no doubt having an effect on this.

Conclusion and looking forward

It would perhaps be fair to conclude that a mixture of the increase number of cars and vehicles licensed to use the roads in Great Britain and the particularly bad weather conditions during 2012 and 2013 have both contributed to the increased level of congestion on UK roads and slower average traffic speeds in peak periods.

As the UK comes out of recession it is likely the number of vehicles licensed for road use will increase and this is unlikely to mean congestion is going to reduce and if weather conditions in 2014 and 2015 are wet or poor like 2012 and 2013 that will only make matters even worse.

UK Traffic News - Website Update April 2014

We have been looking at ways of improving the UK Traffic News website, something we regularly do.

Users of our site since 2009 will have noticed a number of changes over the years:

  • improved menu an navigation structures
  • dedicated motorway and regional pages
  • Driving information section added, road tax rates etc.
  • cleaner look traffic search page
  • introduction of user feedback page
  • improved colour schemes to make site easier to read

... to name a few.

Our blog has also been centralised here from April 2014 which was previously on a separate website.

New Developments

We would appreciate user feedback about a few other developments we are considering.

We are considering, planning a new directory of:

  • car dealerships
  • garages and service centres 
  • auto parts shops
  • MOT centres
  • haulage firms
  • taxi firms

And other useful information for drivers and those interested in travel by road. 

Interested in featuring your business in the directory get in touch and follow UK Traffic News on Twitter

New Road Tax Rates From 1 April 2014

On UK Traffic News we aim to feature other driving information that is useful for drivers in addition to the latest traffic news.

Our section of road tax rates for taxing your car has been updated as the rates of tax have changed from 1 April 2014.

The majority of the car road tax bands have increased by £5.

Here is where you can find the list of road tax rates for renewing the road tax for your car from 1 April 2014.

Road tax is charged based on the CO2 emissions for your car and you can find the CO2 emissions for your car on the car's registration documents.

Motorway Traffic News

One of the main sections on UK Traffic News are our motorway sections.

There are dedicated pages and sections of our website for many of the major motorways around the UK.

There are sections for motorway traffic reports if you want the latest motorway incidents, roadworks and other traffic updates for motorways.

And we have information about when each motorway was built, how long the motorway where it runs from an to and other information about the motorways in the UK

UK Traffic News - Sponsored Skydive 2013

Last July we did a sponsored 15000 ft Skydive to raise money for Rett Syndrome.

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored John and Jessi to do the Skydive.

The Skydrive was financed by John and Jessi personally so all donations went to Reverse Retts and we raised £1575.

Anyone who knows a family with a child with Rett Syndrome will know what a worthy charitable cause this is.

A massive thank you to everyone last summer who donated kindly.


Welcome to the New UK Traffic News Blog

Welcome to the new centralised blog on UK Traffic News.

The UK Traffic News website was launched in 2009 as at the time we felt there were very few websites and online resources where you could find traffic news for the UK that was:

... so we launched UK traffic news.

The original aim for to provide a centralised place where users of camping and travel related websites that we publish could find the latest traffic news.

Since then the goal has expanded beyond that.

With the growth of social networking such as, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are goal is now to find an easy way for people to post their own traffic updates.

We are still striving to provide the easist to use traffic new website in the UK that features as much of the latest traffic news and updates as possible.