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Car Design Competition - Ideas On How To Get Better MPG From A Car?

Here are UK Traffic News we are keen on Eco friendly car design as let's face it we only have one planet we can live on!

In the spirit of Eco car design we are putting it out there to our users to suggest to car companies ideas for better MPG.

What is MPG? It's Miles Per Gallon, i.e the number of miles your car can do for each gallon of fuel you put in it.

We think our users, as they are interested in motoring, avoiding traffic jams, roadworks and other delays like accidents would love to get better MPG from the cars they drive for the following reasons:

  • Oil is a shrinking resource
  • Better MPG often means lower CO2 emissions
  • Lower CO2 means lower road tax
  • Lower CO2 is better for climate change
  • More MPG means low cost of fuelling your car

These are all excellent reasons for car design that achieves better MPG.

2014 Competition Ideas To Get More MPGs

Anyone can participate in our competition to find the best ideas for getting more MPG's out of a cars design.

Ideas can be simple, complex, fun or serious.

We have thought of one to get the ball rolling.

Mini wind turbines

Mini wind turbines that use the air and wind passing over or through the car to charge a battery that powers dual power cars that are partly powered by petrol or diesel engines with a secondary battery power unit which is recharged by wind passing through mini wind turbines in the front grill or on the roof of the car.

The battery power unit is charged by mini turbines driven by wind and air passing over, through, or past the moving car.

Then when say cruising or breaking the battery power unit can take over powering the car (or other vehicle).

The wind turbines could also be used to assist in breaking while at the same time absorbing power from the air instead of the engine assisting in breaking, reducing engine wear as well.

We have added a post about our mini wind turbine in cars idea to our motoring forum in the section "Ideas for More Fuel Efficient Cars".

How To Enter Your "Better MPG" Ideas?

It's really easy to enter your ideas.

At UK Traffic News we want to use Twitter is a constructive useful way not just for news, marketing or self-promotion.

So here is how you enter.

  1. Think up your ideas about how to get cars doing better MPG
  2. Post your idea in our motoring forum "Ideas for More Fuel Efficient Cars" section (see link above) by starting your on topic in that section. Give your forum post a short title that includes the gist of your idea and post the detail in the main part of your post.
  3. Tweet your idea on Twitter giving it a # tag such as we could use for our idea #carwindcharging and link to your better MPG design idea in your Twitter post(s).
  4. Also in your Twitter posts use the # tag #MPGCompetition so you can also see other peoples ideas
  5. This is about using Twitter for #SocialMediaBrainPower so mention that # tag in some of your posts too

Your ideas can be very serious or more on the fun side.

With millions of people on Twitter we think that there are Twitter users out there that have some amazing ideas about how to get better MPG from car design, that would help not only the car companies but benefit the planet and all of us.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Even if you really cannot come up with your own idea you can still play an important part in the competition!

We need you to:

  • Comment, constructively, on other peoples ideas in the motoring forum
  • Retweet what you think are the best ideas in the #MPGCompetition
  • Help people submitting entries tweak their design suggestion for better MPGs for maximum impact

Car Companies Interested In Better MPG?

We are asking car companies that are interested in better MPG to get involved too.

UK Traffic News is approaching car companies to come up with some innovative prizes for the best ideas entered in the competition.

So watch this space about prizes!

Make a difference! Help design cars that do better MPG!

I had a moped 32 years ago that easily did 125 MPG. Surely after over 30 years we can get cars doing over 100 MPG!?

Cars That Do 100 MPG or More - The 100 MPG Plus Club

UK Traffic News launches the 100 MPG Plus Club!

When we founded UK Traffic News in 2009 the main reason was to try and help people avoid traffic delays and traffic jams because sitting in traffic is:

  • not environmentally friendly
  • is stressful
  • a waste of fuel which is a natural resource we need to not waste
  • a waste of precious time

So was launched and 2014 is our 5th anniversary.

Over the last five years we have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours publishing and developing our website, improving it and expanding it. It is an ongoing and expanding project to make finding traffic news easy and quick for the roads you are interested in.

We also feature other motoring information as well as traffic new now.

We want to do our bit to encourage car makers to produce affordable, low CO2, high MPG cars for UK roads.

The 100 MPG Plus Club Is Born

So we are launching the "100 MPG Plus Club".

We will be adding a special section to our website for cars available in the UK that do 100 MPG or more and meet the following criteria:

  1. Normal production car actually on sale in the UK
  2. Actually do 100 MPG or more with normal road use (see below)
  3. Must be fuelled only at normal roadside garage (e.g. not plugged into the mains electricity at home) (see below)
  4. Have CO2 emissions of 100 g/km or less

All of the above criteria must be met for a car model to get into the 100 MPG Plus Club.

That is the basic criteria for a car to be featured in our 100 MPG Plus Club.

However we will award additional bonus points to cars that meet each of the following criteria:

  • Under 75 g/km CO2 - bonus point
  • Under 50 g/km CO2 - extra Bonus point
  • Manufactured in the UK - bonus point
  • Each whole 5 MPG over 100 MPG - bonus point for each 5 MPG
  • UK List price (on the road) Under £25,000 - bonus point
  • UK List price (on the road) Under £20,000 - extra bonus point 

It must be possible to fully fuel the car at a normal roadside mainstream garage, e.g ESSO, BP etc. in under 15 minutes, i.e. not have to sit a wait for batteries to charge up for extended periods of time.

MPG achieved must be based on:

  • either on what we at UK Traffic News have actually tested over 500 miles of normal road use
  • or that at least three owners of the make and model of car have certified to UK Traffic News that they are actually achieved with their car over 500 miles of normal road use.
  • NOT manufacturer claimed average MPG.

The above criteria will be used to create a league table of the most Eco friendly, high MPG (miles per gallon), affordable cars available in the UK.

We need your help reporting to us at UK Traffic News your findings if you know of cars that qualify to enter the 100 MPG Plus Club.

Let us know on (@UKTrafficNews) with #100MPGPlusClub or in our motoring forum, comment on this blog post or use our contact us page.

As far as we are aware there is currently no normal production car on sale in the UK that currently meets even the basic criteria for entry in the "100 MPG Plus Club".

But we want to start featuring cars that do as soon as possible.

Mention the #100MPGPLUSCLUB on Twitter if you want to support this and encourage car makers to make affordable, practical, high MPG, low CO2 cars.

Please help in the drive this campaign for more efficient eco friendly cars in the UK.


What is the Ratio of Different Types of Vehicles on UK Roads?

OK so we have previously posted in our blog that as of 2013 cars made up around 83% of the 35 Million vehicles registered and licensed for use on UK roads according to DVLA statistics.

But what is the ratio between different types of vehicles?

Cars actually made up 83.2% of vehicles on UK roads in 2013.

HGV's just 1.3% although it might not feel like it at times!

Bus and coaches 0.5%

Vans 9.6% (otherwise known a tailgaters)

Motorcycles 3.5%

Since 1994 cars have increased by 37%, vans (and light goods vehicles) have increased by 57% and motorcycles by 69%

There was a higher rate of increase in motorcycles up to 2010 but the % motorcycles to overall vehicles has declined slightly since 2010, the same applies to HGVs and buses with only cars and vans increasing year on year since 1994.

Since approximately the year 2000 vans as a % of overall vehicles have increased at a faster rate than other vehicle types.

Google to start building self driving cars

Hot off the press is motoring news that Google is to start building "self driving" cars aimed at developing self drive cars for the public.

Google's self driving electric cars will be limited to around 25mph initially for safety.

The cars will only have a stop start button, no other controls including no stearing wheel, no accelerator or brake pedals and will navigate using Google maps.

The electric cars are designed to be pedestrian friendly with flexible windsreen instead of glass and softer front for pedestrian safety.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin told reporters that the firm is to make 100 prototype cars that drive themselves however it is thought unlikely that Google will start mass producing cars for resale and is more likely to work with other car manufacturers to bring self drive electric cars to market safely.

Google's self driving cars navigate their surroundings using a combination of GPS, laser and camera data.

There are hurdles to overcome such as which roads, in which American states, Google will be allowed to test the self drive cars as Google develops it's self drive cars project.

Plus who is liabile in the event of a accident?

Self Drive cars are only likely to be practical in city centres initially where road speeds are lower, pollution, congestion and road safety for pedestrians is a focus of attention.

For motorway driving adaptive cruise control which regulates distance from the car in front is already available in production cars in the UK with Volkswagen being one of the leaders in adaptive cruise control.

Chart of UK Vehicles to UK Population 1992 to 2012

The following is a chart of the number of vehicles registered for use on UK roads to the number of UK population between 1992 and 2012.

The number of vehicles registered on UK roads has increased by 9.6 million between 1992 and 2012 or a rise of 38.5%.

The number of people living in the UK has increased by 6 million between 1992 and 2012 or a rise of 10.7%.

20 years ago vehicles to population percentage was 44.5%

in 2012 the ratio of vehicles to population had increased to 55.7% and increase of 11% on 1992.

The rise in two car families contributing to the increase in cars registered on UK roads in the last 20 years.