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Motor Insurance Information

The driving information section is aimed at bring you driving hits tips and useful information.

We have introduced a section about motor insurance.

Motor insurance  as this is a key compulsory part of driving in the UK with fine and consequences for your car for failing to comply with the rules.

 Up to date date, relevant, current motor insurance is a legal requirement for all vehicles that are not subject of a current SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

The motor insurance regulations have changed from 2011 to combat uninsured drivers who cost other insured drivers around £30 per annum in extra premiums.

There are fines and penalties for not complying fully with the new regulations and the risk of your vehicle being crushed if you fail to comply.

Information About The New Motor Insurance Rules From 2011

Below is a brief video about with information about the new insurance regulations from 2011 in the UK and what Government is doing to combat uninsured drivers.

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Information About Motor Insurance

The "insurance" pages on the UK Traffic News website are intended to provide information about motor insurance and the rules relating to motor insurance in the UK.

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