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About UK Traffic News

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The UK Traffic News website is a traffic information website published by Corporate Ace Limited.

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Corporate Ace Limited is a small company based in the UK that specialises in publishing information and informative websites.

The UK Traffic News website was set up in 2009 to help users find the latest motorway reports and regional traffic information for England and Scotland in one central location is an easy and quick way to read and find the latest traffic updates.

The Aim of UK Traffic News

The aim is simple. UK Traffic News was first published in 2009 as we could not find any traffic websites where the traffic news was easy to read, easy to search and up to date. We also felt that traffic news needed to be easier to fine tune during a search more easily and quickly for regional, road or junction specific traffic information. We set up UK Traffic News to help our users do exactly that.

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We also found that traffic information on many other websites did not work well across all devices and platforms. So we set up the traffic news in a way to make the traffic news clear and easy to read and search on any device. The UK Traffic News website works on desktop, laptop and mobile devices including the iPhone iPad and windows or android based mobile devices.

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By helping users avoid traffic jams we are hoping to, make your journey less stressful, quicker and cheaper plus it's also better for the environment as sitting in traffic is not eco friendly.

Why Traffic News?

Avoiding traffic holdups as much as possible helps:

Sources of Traffic News And What's Different About UK Traffic News?

We would like to thank the Highways Agency for traffic data on UK Traffic News.

We are also adding ways for our approximately 30,000 monthly users to submit live traffic information as they come across it. We don't know of any other traffic websites where user submitted traffic news is being developed.

If you maybe interested in helping others avoid the jams by submitting traffic and road news UK Traffic News and becoming part of the Traffic News Club.

If you are interested in becoming a Club member (it's completely free) and sharing your traffic news with other members and users of the UK traffic news website visit the "submit news" page for more information.


About The UK Traffic News Website

Is It free?

YES! You can search and find the latest traffic news from around the UK completely FREE without any need to subscribe or register with us.

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Search for words such as "M25" "J16" or "M25 J16" "northbound" "wesbound" "roadworks" "congestion" or a combination to meet your traffic information requirements.

If you are interested in submitting traffic news to help users avoid the latest traffic hold ups the Traffic News Club is being formed for just that purpose. Sharing traffic news and updates.