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The rate of vehicle road tax for cars is based on engine size or on fuel type and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of the car and depending on when the car was registered.

See our blog post about the abolishion of the tax disc from 1 October 2014.

The easiest and quickest way to pay your Road Tax is online at the "tax disc" section of the .Gov website.

Vehicles other than cars have their own rates.

Vehicles are categorised into "tax classes" based mainly on size and useage.

The road tax rates below show the cost of tax discs for cars effective from 1 April 2014 (updated).

You can also check the vehicle tax rates for your car online. in the tables below.

Vehicles are categorised into a "tax class" which is stated on the Vehicle Registration Document.

For example "private / light goods" or PLG for short.

Road tax can be purchased to cover either a period of six months or twelve months largely to help people budget and spread the cost.

Road Tax Bands for Cars Registered on or after 1 March 2001

Cars registered on 1 March 2001 (Y Registration onwards) are taxed according to the level of CO2 emmissions.

The method of powering the engine affects the road tax payable.

You can find a list of cars that fall within each vehicle tax band (list not completely up to date as at December 2013 as for example the VW Golf 1.6 TDI Blue Motion is in Band A, with Zero road tax but is not yet on the list) and details of new and used car fuel consumption or road tax cost for specific makes and models on the DFT (Department for Transport) website.

Road Tax Bands for Petrol (TC48) and Diesel Cars (TC49) Registered on or After 1 March 2001

The table below shows the road tax bands and the cost of your "tax disc" effective from 1 April 2014 (with the previous years rates in brackets).

They are the road tax cost for road tax disc renewals. From 1 April 2010 the road tax costs at the time of first registration of a new car are different. For brand new cars at registration the initial road tax cost is higher than annual renewal costs for cars with CO2 emissions 151 or higher G/KM and lower for cars 150 G/KM or less.

Where can I find out the CO2 emissions for my car?

If your car was first registered new on or after 1 March 2001 the CO2 emissions for your vehicle can be found on page 2 the V5C Registration Document in part 4. "vehicle details". Ignore the "exhaust emissions" section at the bottom. The CO2 emissions for road tax purposes are shown just under the "cylinder capacity" line about a third of the way down. For example "119 G/KM" the road tax as per the table below is currently £30.00 per annum.

Band CO2 emmissions (g/km) 12 months rate 6 months rate
A Up to 100 £0 Not available
B 101 to 110 £20 Not available
C 111 to 120 £30 Not available
D 121 to 130 £110 (was £105) £60.50 (was £57.75)
E 131 to 140 £130 (was £125) £71.50 (was £68.75)
F 141 to 150 £145 (was £140) £79.75 (was £77.00)
G 151 to 165 £180 (was £175) £99.00 (was £96.25)
H 166 to 175 £205 (was £200) £112.75 (was £110.00)
I 176 to 185 £225 (was £220) £123.75 (was £121.00)
J 186 to 200 £265 (was £260) £145.75 (was £143.00)
K * 201 to 225 £285 (was £280) £156.75 (was £154.00)
L 226 to 255 £485 (was £475) £266.75 was £261.25)
M Over 255 £500 (was £490) £275.00 (was £269.50)

* Includes cars with a CO2 figure over 225g/km but were registered before 23 March 2006

The above table does not cover "alternative" fuel cars or other Tax classes of vehicle such at motorcycles, lorries etc. which have different road tax costs. See the .Gov website for more information.

Cars or Light Goods Vehicles Registered before 1 March 2001.

The new vehicle registration system came into force from 1 September 2001 so the last cars to the be taxed as vehicles registered before 1 March 2001 were registrations starting with X.

Y registered cars commenced from 1 March 2001 are therefore fall under the category of cars regstered on or after 1 March 2001 below.

Private cars and light goods (TC11)

Engine size (cc) 12 months rate 6 months rate
1549 cc and under £145.00 (was £140.00) £79.75 (was £77.00)
Over 1549 cc £230.00  (was £225.00) £126.50 (was £123.75)

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