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The Polls and Surveys section on UK Traffic News is dedicated to polls and surveys of our users.

Polls and surveys about traffic and motoring issues that affect our users.

The chance to share your views and see what others think too.

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Current Polls and Surveys

Below are some of our featured current driving or motoring related polls and surveys. Let us know what you think. Just select and click your selections and then click submit vote, easy.

Which UK Cars Will be the First To Do Over 100 MPG?

One of the thinks we find amazing is that in 30 years the increase in average MPG that cars in the UK do has not increased by much in real terms.

The average MPG we are talking about is the combined urban and extra urban MPG of a standard road car, not specialist cars, adapted cars and cars that run on standard unleaded or diesel fuel.

However car manaufacturers are starting to make some progress. Standard road cars such as the VW Golf 1.6 TDI, are now achieving around an average of 50 to 60 MPG but which cars in the UK will be the first to average 100 MPG or over?

Driving Habits During the Recession

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Polls and Surveys on the UK Traffic News Website

Polls and Surveys

Our Polls and Surveys

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What's the next number plate?

 What's the next Number Plate after 61?

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