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About UK Motorways

Defination of Motorway

The dictionary describes a motorways as "a dual-carriageway road designed for fast traffic, with relatively few places for joining or leaving."

During World War II the government drew up plans to create a new network of high speed routes across the country.

The passing of the Special Roads Act 1949 gave the government legal powers to build roads that were not automatically rights of way for certain types of user of which motorways were to become one type.

When Were the First UK Motorways Built?

In 1958 the first motorway was opened as the Preston Bypass which is now part of the M6 motorway.

The first major motorway to open was the M1 between Crick and Berrygrove

Motorways are "trunk roads" considering of at least two lanes on each carriageway, usually three lanes but increasing being widened in places to stretch four or more lanes in each direction. 

How Many Motorways are there in the UK?

Ever wondered how many motorways there are in the UK?

You can find a complete list of UK motorways here.

Whats the UK's Longest Motorway?

The UK's longest motorway is the M6 motorway.

What is the UK's Shortest Motorway?

The UK's shortest motorway is the A623(M) in Greater Manchester, North West England.

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