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UK Traffic is our central traffic news website and we have other regional traffic websites and specific websites for a growing number of major motorways in the UK. Our primary aim is to feature the latest traffic news and also to make finding the latest traffic news easy and quick to find.

We are a completely FREE TO USE website and do not require any login or personal information from our users to access the latest traffic news.

If you would like to advertise on the UK Traffic News website with banner or text based ads in our ad zones get in touch with us.

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Plus we can distribute your ads to a network of websites that had over 1 Million visitors in 2013 and almost that to September 2014 already. That is some ad coverage!

UK Traffic News Visitors Stats

See our latest detailed web stats update, traffic to the UK Traffic News website

UK Traffic News has an average of over 28,000 visitors every month looking for the latest traffic news based on stats for whole of Jan to September 2014. Slight increase on 2013 stats.

One of the tests of how well a website is improving and engaging with its users is the number of "return visitors" i.e. those that use the site more than once, or come back regularly to the website.

At UK Traffic News we have seen a steady rise in return or repeat visitors over the years as we work to improve and develop UK Traffic News website.

Graph of Return Visitors
January to September 2014
UK Traffic News - Web Traffic - Return Visitors 2014

This is an indication that users are increasing pleased with the content of and ease of navigation around the UK Traffic News website and the way traffic news is made available on the site and keep coming back for the latest traffic news.

We will be working to try and ensure this continues to improve so that we are giving our users what they want.

Technology: Devices Users Use To View The UK Traffic News Website

During the first half of 2014 approximately 41.7% (63% in 2013) of our UK Traffic News users were Windows PC "desktop" computer users. 21% are iPhone users, 14.8% iPad users, with Android phones and tablets, Mac PC and Samsung making up most of the rest of the devices our users are using.

The Windows PC user base has now dropped below 50% for the first time, at least as far as viewing the UK traffic News website is concerned. We try and make our website mobile friendly without making it very basic or plain like some mobile platform websites end up being. 

Interestingly, but perhaps not unexpectedly, the 2014 stats shows a significant switch from "desktop" to mobile use. In 2012 74% were "desktop" users, 15% tablet and 11% "mobile" users so the trend is continuing towards mobile and tablet use.

Last year we said that we would have expected to see a bigger rise in high-end "mobile" use. 2014 has seen that happen perhaps a reflection on the cost of data tariffs with the mobile networks improving.

UK Traffic News Stats User Devices

We keep this in mind with the way traffic news is shown on the website to try and make news easy and clear to to read on all types of device.

Thank you to all our users for using the UK Traffic News website.

We are putting in a lot of hard work to help our users find the latest traffic news quickly and easily and it is rewarding when we see user numbers and user loyalty grow. We know we will only earn the loyalty of our users be providing an informative, easy to use and up to date traffic website which is our central ongoing goal.

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UK Traffic News - Website Stats

Information about user statistics for the UK Traffic News website.

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