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Road Accident Claims

Welcome to our "Road Accident Claims" page on UK Traffic News.

The road safety section is about information helping to keep roads in the UK safer but in the event you are involved in a road traffic accident there may be damage to your car or personal injury. Especially if the accident was not your fault and the fault of another driver you may need to make a road accident claim for compensation from the other party.

The following information on this page is for guidance only as it is important you notify your insurance company of the accident and seek their advice or the advice of a solicitor immediately.

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Our "road signs" section features some of the road signs on UK roads to help familiarise yourself with what road signs in the UK mean.

Understanding what road signs mean is part of the safety features for UK roads.

Guidance About What To Do Following a Road Traffic Accident

Every year in the UK there are road casualties fro road accidents. The number of people killed or seriously injured has fallen since 1998. This is likely to be because cars are built more safely now, but are also faster that cars built then.



In April 2009, the government published proposals for a new post 2010 road safety strategy A Safer Way "Consultation on making Britain’s roads the safest in the world".

There are lots of solicitors that specialise in road accident compensation claims for drivers, passengers and pedestrians injured in road traffic accidents. The best course of action if you have been injured in a car accident is to inform your car insurance company.

Many insurance policies now include legal cover to finance the cost of a claim against a third party check if your policy does.

Not all solicitor's are very efficient so keep an eye on any solicitor instructed by your insurance company to ensure they do they job properly, don't assume they are any good. In particular tell them all the facts about your injury or injuries and make sure they have interpreted all information available correctly. In our experience some solicitors are appalling at interpreting the facts and have to have obvious facts pointed out to them showing the other party was at fault. 

Information To Keep About Your Car Accident In Support Of Your Accident Compensation Claim

 After a car accident it is a good idea to visit your GP immediately or as soon as you can for a diagnosis of your injuries. This is one of the questions on accident compensation claim forms. Defending solicitors use all sorts of tactics to try and avoid a payout. Therefore if you have been injured MAKE SURE YOU INJURIES ARE DOCUMENTED. Be prepared for a fight too. Lots of claims take over a year to settle and can take a number of years, as defending solicitor's are often slow to reply, often in the hope you will give up and not pursue your claim.

Always try and get the contact details of any witnesses.

Make a note of the date and time of the accident. It can take a long time and be hard work pursuing a claim and this can be easily forgotten. Seems obvious but make a note at the time or as soon as possible after the accident.

Take pictures of any accident scene, the position of vehicles and the damage to your car. Many mobile phones have cameras on now and this can help as part of the evidence you supply.

Make sure you get the number plate of other parties involved in the accident and make, model and colour of the car they are driving. Take a picture if possible.

Make a note of the road conditions and the speed you believe the other driver was driving at.

Take pictures of an skid marks left by the other parties car particularly if they were speeding. Measure (with your feet if necessary the length of the skid marks left by the car as this can be used to estimate the speed the other driver was driving at.

Keep a diary of how the injuries incurred in the accident have affected your life post accident. Again this is often asked for as part of insurance company accident compensation reports and accident claims for compensation.

If you report the accident to the police, make a note of the accident report number.

In the process of making the claim ask to see the other parties statement to their insurance company about the accident particularly is the accident was clearly not your fault. Compare their statement to the evidence you have from the accident, photos, damage to your car etc. Your evidence might be useful if the other party is lying about their speed, direction of travel and other aspects of the accident.

This list is not extensive but a good idea to be aware of in case of an accident so you are prepared. At the time of an accident you may be in a state of shock so having an idea what you would do in the event of an accident makes you prepared and more likely to get the information you need to make a claim in respect of any injuries you sustain in the accident.

Once appointed make sure your solicitor keeps on the case. You may well have to chase your solicitor and make sure they are checking all the evidence and information about the accident accurately, carefully and thoroughly and that your solicitor keeps chasing the other side who often drag their feet in the hope a case will be dropped.

This list is not necessarily complete and there may be other issues you need to consider. Seek legal advice.

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