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How To Book Your Practical Driving Test Online

So your ready to book your Practical Driving Test !

Firstly congratulations on passing your Driving Theory Test and good luck from UK Traffic News with your practical test. There is also an information page about how to change your practical driving test.

Not passed your Driving Theory Test yet? See our page on how to apply for your driving theory test online.

This pages includes for useful information about how to book your Practical Driving Test and the link you need to book it online at Direct Gov.

The driving information section is aimed at bring you driving hits tips and useful information.

This section is for learner drivers and are introducing other sections of driving information for other drivers such as lorry drivers, commuters and other road users.

Link To Where To Book Your Practical Driving Test Online

Booking your Practical Driving Test online is easy and quick. The following link is to the Direct Gov website (the only offical booking location) and the section you need to book the practical driving test online.

Web Link:

You will need the following to book your practical test online:

Remember once you have booked your practical test to print the booking details and note your diary or mobile phone calendar to remind you of the details !

When your learning to drive finding information about your test and other information is alway a help.

Short Video About How To Book Your Practical Driving Test Online

The following video by DirectGov will walk you through what to expect when you go to book your practical driving test on line we recommend watching it before you go to book online so you know what to expect and are fully ready.

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