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T Junction With Priority Over Vehicles From The Right

Warning Road Sign for T Junction With Priority Over Vehicles From the RightThis "Warning Sign" is one of the less frequent.

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It means a T Junction is ahead where you have priority over vehicles coming from the right.

Well the rule of thumb to be prepared for other drivers to do something foolish is the moto.

Warning signs are a red triangle!

Road Sign for Warning T-Junction Ahead With Priority Over Vehicles from the Right

Why is it a warning sign?

You will be going round a sharp left hand bend so will have to slow down.

However the person approaching from the right will be going straight on. So although you have priority they might not be concentrating and might steam through the junction and plough straight into the drivers side of your car.

Hence it is a "warning sign" not a general information sign!

Care and extra observation required.

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