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UK Traffic News "traffic reports" home page. Links to traffic reports from the UK's major roads and motorways.

The aim is simple to help our users find and avoid road and motorway traffic jams easily and quickly.

Latest Traffic Reports for the UK

50 MPH Warning SignBelow are links to dedicated traffic news pages for the latest traffic reports and traffic updates from each of the featured motorways. Other motorways are covered in England and Scotland. For other motorway new such as the M8, M9 motorways in Scotland use the "traffic search" facility here on UK Traffic News. The search box on the right.

Latest Regional Traffic Reports

At present UK traffic news covers traffic news from England and Scotland.

The clickable maps and images below will take you to dedicated traffic reports and traffic updates pages.

Traffic News for England Traffic News for Scotland
clickable map of england regions Traffic reports for eastern england Traffic Reports for South East England Traffic Reports for the East Midlands Traffic Repots for the North East of England Traffic Reports for North West England Traffic Reports for West Midlands of England Traffic Reports for South West England scotland traffic news

Current Incidents

Current Road Works

Planned Roadworks
Traffic news, traffic reports and traffic updates for each of the regions of England (Clickable map) Traffic reports, traffic news and traffic updates for Scotland

Latest Major Motorway Traffic Reports

UK Traffic News covers news about all the main motorways and "A" roads in the UK however some of the major motorways have dedicated pages. Links to those dedicated pages are below.

M1 Motorway M2 Motorway M25 Motorway M3 Motorway M4 Motorway
M1 Traffic Reports - M1 Traffic News M2 Motorway Traffic News M2 Traffic Updates M25 Motorway News M25 Traffic Updates M3 Motorway Traffic New M3 Traffic Updates M4 Motorway Traffic News M4 Traffic Updates
Information about the M1 motorway Information about the M2 motorway Information about the M25 motorway Information about the M3 motorway Information about the M4 motorway
Latest M1 Traffic Reports Latest M2 Traffic Reports Latest M25 Traffic Reports Latest M3 Traffic Reports Latest M4 Traffic Reports
The M1 London to Leeds The M2 Strood to Brenley Corner London Ring Road Motorway London to Southampton London to Llanelli in South Wales
M40 Motorway M42 Motorway M5 Motorway M6 Motorway M60 Motorway
M40 Motorway Traffic News M40 Updates M42 Motorway Traffic News M5 Motorway Traffic News M6 Motorway Traffic News M60 Motorway Traffic News
Information about the M40 motorway Information about the M42 motorway Information about the M5 motorway Information about the M6 motorway Information about the M60 motorway
Latest M40 Traffic Reports Latest M42 Traffic Reports Latest M5 Traffic Reports Latest M6 Traffic Reports Latest M60 Traffic Reports
London to Birmingham Bromsgrove to Applyby Walsall to Exeter Cattorpe (England) to Gretna (Scotland) Greater Manchester Ring Road Motorway
M62 Motorway M621 Motorway A1(M) Motorway
M62 Motorway Traffic News M621 Motorway Traffic News A1(M) Motorway Traffic News
Information about the M62 motorway Information about the M621 motorway Information about the A1(M) motorway
Latest M62 Traffic Reports Latest M621 Traffic Reports Latest A1(M) Traffic Reports
Kingston Upon Hull (North East) to Liverpool (North West) Gilderstone to Rotherway London (M1) South Mimms to Hatfield

Summary of the Latest Motorway News

Below are some of the latest motorway traffic news updates. Use the links above to view dedicated pages with all the latest news from each motorway. Or search all the latest motorway traffic news.

Latest UK Traffic News

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Traffic News From Around The UK

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Traffic Reports

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Latest Traffic News for Scotland

information about scotland traffic news

Latest news in about traffic incidents in and around Scotland's roads and motorways.

See our dedicated Traffic News Scotland website.

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breaking traffic news part of UK traffic news

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Latest News About Current Incidents in England

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Latest traffic updates received about traffic incidents in and around England roads and motorways.

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